Graduation and Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

If you are attending a graduation ceremony and following party it’s best to take a layering approach. It’s the time of year when you can stand in the shade and catch a chill or move to the sunshine and get a sunburn that will bother you for days. It’s best to protect your face with a stylish hat and sunglasses combination. A dress or top with small sleeves is always comfortable and we have a great assortment of shawls, scarfs and toppers to help you warm up or simply just add a bit of style to your outfit.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

we know how important a set of comfortable shoes are to make your day just fly by! We sell the One Sole shoes that have a removable top part. You can go from casual afternoon shopping to a dressy dinner by just switching out the top of the shoe!

Our Jewelry Sets always make a great gift. Larger necklaces with earrings to match and iPhone cases in bright colors – these are some great accessories to choose as well.

Your Mom or spouse can shop at Top New Fashion leisure and buy something that suits them – perhaps matching an recent fashion purchase. Consider something for Graduation and Mother’s Day Gift ideas from Top New Fashion.